ReDefine: Believe Innovation, Construct the Future

The business culture, logic, and mindset are constantly changing.

This is an era of rapid change. The way to breakthrough is by collaboration. We are here to breach rivals into partners.
By co-creation, this is the chance for us to explore brand new ideas and innovations for the future.

Co-Create, not competition. Re-defining the future.

No one would have imagined that Amazon could be the king of global e-commerce a decade ago. Uber, DiDi, Grab all created a new business model. Mercedes-Benz and BMW formed an alliance towards the innovation of autonomous vehicles and platforms. All these cases are showing us clearly that technology is breaking barriers of our lives, industries, and borders a lot faster than we could imagine. Competition will not only stifle creativity and limit the future, but also the main cause of stagnant business operations.
Confronting this era of innovation and rapidly changing technology, we should open up from deep inside to embrace the unlimited possibilities! 2020 is the year to "ReDefine". Future Commerce hopes to bring as many opportunities as we could to connect future business leaders and professionals to mingle, collide, create, and extend. In FC, you can reach the latest business models, technologies, management skills, brand new experiences, and mind-blowing marketing strategies. Furthermore, workshops, seminars, and the forum can let you interact with global communities and business partners. This is the place where we create, share, and grow.
2020 Future Commerce is the place for your new business opportunities.

See you at Future Commerce