Due to the severe outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus (Wuhan Coronavirus), 2020 Future Commerce will be postponed to July 2-4.
In response to the constant affection of COVID-19 coronavirus (Wuhan Coronavirus), Business Next has decided to postpone 2020 Future Commerce to July 2-4. This unfavored decision is made to minimize the risk of spreading the disease and to ensure all participants' health and safety.
All claimed tickets can be used until July 2-4.
We will follow any instructions announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center. Further notice of the event will be announced on our website.

2019-nCov Anti-Infection Measures and Instructions

「In react to COVID-19 coronavirus (Wuhan Coronavirus), Future Commerce will provide escalated anti-infection measures:

1 • Hand sanitizer will be prepared at all entrances.

2 • An infrared thermometer is used to check the temperature of all guests. Anyone with 37.5 Celcius or higher will not be allowed to enter the venue.

3 • All exhibitors are advised to wear masks and we highly recommend all guests to wear masks as well. Anyone with chronic diseases and respiratory symptoms should wear masks to this event.

4 • The venue will be sanitized every day after operating hours.

5 • The capacity of the venue is limited. Please understand the possibilities of entrance control.