Department of Commerce,
MOEA Intelligence Business Application Pavilion

While commuting to work, Biz Lion manages to book breakfast on the move in 2 minutes with the online order taking automation systems-“5breakfast” and “Nidin”.
By using “EMENU”, Biz Lion feels ease and enjoys its lunch right at its desk when other colleagues are hustle and bustle for ordering the lunch and waiting for their orders. Biz Lion then seizes the break time, uses “automatic price comparison service for online products” to find a present with the best bargain, and delivers this surprise to its friend via “Giftpack”. With the help of “logistics assistant for sales drivers” to optimize the delivery route, Biz Lion can easily monitor its orders everywhere, even in the meeting.
At night, Biz Lion drops by at “Rovii_Coffee”-a community robotic barista-to quickly pick a cup of coffee with its partners, and reserves a table on the waitlists at a restaurant simultaneously through “Smart Marketing and Verificating Platform for Commercial Area”.
When paying money, Biz Lion never forgets to claim its bonus with “Screea”, and it luckily wins a free coupon on “Melegant” this time. Biz Lion looks through the hair salons on “Melegant”, finds the best match, and books the time to change its hairstyle.
After going back home and looking around the environment, Biz Lion decides to make some changes. It opens the computer and checks out “Artso” for incomparable online virtual experiences to shop for furniture.
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