2019 Future Commerce Awards

Future Commerce Awards encourage the applications of new technology, integrating creativity and business. We expect to discover innovative business models that leverage interactive technology, customer oriented, and social characteristics.

[ Selection Criteria ]

Awards are categorized in 5 dimensions, Best Technology Innovation, Best Experience Innovation, Best Product Innovation, Best Business Model, and Best Management Innovation. We invite experts across retail, consulting, digital marketing, internet, research, and innovation industry to select 5 major awards, each award respectively elected 1 Gold award, 2 Silver awards, 3 Bronze awards and 3 Jury Grand Prizes. The full awarding list will be published in the May edition of Business Next magazine.

Best Technology Innovation

This award goes to nominees that can effectively increase product efficiency and customer experience with A.I., big data, cloud, AR, VR, MR, blockchain etc..

Best Experience Innovation

This award goes to nominees that are able to add value to customer experience and increase opportunity to sales on either physical or virtual channels by adapting digital technologies such as VR, AR, MR, A.I., to optimize customer interactive experience.

Best Product Innovation

This award goes to nominees that interact smoothly in combination of industry and consumption trend and digital technology, providing either physical products or intrinsic services that become sales target or main source of profit.

Best Business Model

The award goes to nominees that provide a whole new disruptive solution for consumers and enterprises by accommodating technology and new business model, or innovate in terms of the sharing economy.

Best Management Innovation

The award goes to nominees that successfully optimize corporate procedure and construction, including process management, financial management, risk management, etc., due to industry transition.

[ Jury ]

Chia-Yuan Chang(Ted Chang)

Quanta Computer Inc.

Fung-Yun Chiang(Helen Chiang)

General Manager
IDC Taiwan

Shih-Chun Huang(Ryan Huang)

PwC Taiwan Assurance Services / Innovation & Entrepreneur Services

Chao-kuan Lu(Cliff Lu)

104 Corporation Technical Consultant

Ming Hsieh

Chief Executive Officer of EMBA
National Taiwan University

Andy Kuo

MobiX Corp