2019 Future Commerce


200+ Experience Booth


100+ Startups


Media Value Worth Of 10000000+


100000+ Visitors

5 Segments of Future Commerce
Business x Technology x Market

Deconstructing the key to future business as innovation is now one of the most important element to a successful enterprise. From inside out, Future Commerce comprehensively assist enterprises to fulfill innovative opportunities.

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Future Business

Presenting a world of Sell Anywhere, Everything, Any Type, Any Time!
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Future Technology

Various innovation technology doubles your business opportunities.
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Future Experience

Building new value and experience for your customer!
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Future Communication

Unveiling the next-gen communication
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Future Management

Value re-creation upon the change of modern management


2019 Future Commerce Forum

Unlock the limits of Future Commerce

As innovative technology starting to be commercialized throughout the world, we shall eliminate the barriers of time and space, welcoming the future economy in every aspect. Whoever rides on the tide of future trend, will definitely succeed in the world of new businesses.

Future Commerce Forum originates from the long-term view of new trends in the industry by Business Next

Finding New Business Models
Future Business

Customized x Product x Mobile

Solving Problems with New Technology
Future Technology

AI x 5G x Blockchain x Data

Implementing Innovative Management Mindset
Future Management

Management × Leadership Mindset x Value Creation

Creating New Experience for Customers
Future Experience

Smart Speaker x Automated x Subscription

Conducting Latest Marketing Communication Technique
Future Communication

MarTech x Video x KOL

Let all participants to explore more new possibilities, new opportunities, new markets, and create opportunities for industrial innovation!